Welcome to Triplicane’s chennai landmark hotel of choice, Hotel Comfort unique frontage by its locality, while visiting the metro capital of India. Triplicane presents a unique facade. With narrow side lanes and ancient houses waiting to be discovered. Triplicane remains a must in the travel schedule of anybody who wants to know Chennai.
     Hotel Comfort is located in the center of the centric choice of visitor by its locality at triplicane high road, high preference for those who can get to stay near marina beach. A ten-minute stroll to the beach short of being invited by many shopping and heritage center.
     All guest rooms combine heritage comfort with substantial settings. From our doormen to our concierge to our room attendants and waiters, we at the hotel comfort are proud of our multilingual, professional and courteous staff. They will pamper you with responsive service and our highly regarded concierge will promptly fulfill all special requests. Attending to your every need with unfailing courtesy and expertise, you are welcome to a world of warm, charming and gracious hospitality. Right from the moment you arrive, you'd be pampered with attentive and personalized service.
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