St. George's Cathedral
St. George Fort in Chennai that symbolizes the beginning of British rule in India. The guide told me that presently that place is used as the offices of the Tamil Nadu Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. In fact. today it is the commercial center of Chennai where the streets are crowded by the buyers and sellers of different goods.
Government Museum
Government Museum in Chennai is located on Pantheon Road in Egmore. What was originally a group of buildings spread over 16.25 acres of land belonging to eminent British citizens is now a repository of paintings, antique jewelry, sculpture and archaeological wonders. The Madras Literary Society mooted the proposal for a museum and was assisted by Sir Henry Pottinger in setting it up. This museum was housed in the College of Fort St. George, which was located on College Road. It then developed and expanded and moved to its present location. The Public Library (Connemara Public Library) was started here in 1853. The Chennai Museum celebrated its Centenary on November 27, 1951.
Kapaleeswarar Temple
Kapaleeswarar Temple is situated near Kutchery Road, Mylapore. This ancient Siva temple is a delightful introduction to Dravidian temple sculpture and architecture. The magnificent 37 meter tall gopuram is one of the main attraction of this temple. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the inner courtyard. The outer courtyard has several bronze statues. Timing : Daily from 0400 to 1200 and 1600 to 2000.
Sri Parthasarathy Temple
Sri Parthasarathy Temple is at Peter's Road, Triplicane. Visit : Daily from 0630 to noon and 1600 to 2000. It is one of the oldest temple in Madras, built by Pallavas in the 8th century and rebuilt by the Vijayanagar Kings in 11th century. The temple is dedicated to Krishna, one of the incarnations of Vishnu. It has a coloured gopuram and several shrines with beautiful carvings. There are many stalls selling flowers, puja articles, small idols, musical instruments and jewellery around the temple.
St. George's Cathedral
St. George's Cathedral is at 222 Cathedral road. Visit : Daily 0800 to 1800. It is a white colonial church, with a beautiful garden. It is the headquarters of the church of South India. It has a 130 feet spire with its interior very light and airy with stucco walls. The decorated roof and many fascinating tablets and tombs add to beauty of the spire.

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